Monday, December 30, 2013

What your dreams tell you?

"Tell me your dreams and I will tell you what do they tell you"-I am sure you have come across this sentence in books, blog posts, movies, self development books and even from some of your friends and relatives who have learnt to interpret dreams.

Though there are skeptics on this interesting subject, I am sure even they would secretly desire to know the meaning of their dreams, especially when a dream occurs repeatedly without any reason.

What dreams are more reported?
* Dream of dying
* Dream of flying
* Dream of running for life
* Dream of sagging legs when running
* Dream of missing the bus/train/flight
* Dream of walking out semi naked
* Dream of having sex

Well, there may be more that might fill out several pages.The most sought after dream meaning is for frequent dreaming of dying. We all know that dreams are generally unfulfilled desires stored in subconscious mind, but it cannot be applied always. For example, surely, we don't wish to die and still why do we dream about it?

Such unpleasant dreams-do they convey us any message? If so, who sends that message and why?
Jenny Lansbury is considered to be U.K.'s leading dream analyst and she has given answers to several recurring dreams in his book, "Dreams Meaning Kit"

Meanings of Dreams
Uncover Your Dreams

Saturday, March 09, 2013

How to use the Cosmic Law of Abundance?

For those who don’t know, the cosmic law of abundance as the name suggests is prevalent everywhere. Our earth atmosphere is covered by this abundance. That is why it is available to all of us. It affects our everyday living.

Those who deliberately use the cosmic law of abundance must have been trained thoroughly by experts or by existing books that teach them the tricks. There are several others who are always in tune with this universal law without any conscious effort.

While the second category of them is naturally attuned, it is the first category of deliberate creators that concern us. They have been shown with concrete proof that such a law of abundance exists and the led them to believe in it to practice it.

The believers in cosmic law know that they can change their destiny on their will.

Cosmic energy can be your obedient friend if you live by a positive energy which is actually your nature. However, we pollute our mind with so many negative thoughts and feelings that we fail to live by our fundamental benevolent nature and thus pollute the atmosphere.

The cosmic law of abundance is there for all of us solely to help us have a better life.  Accepting abundance into our life is the first step in understanding and using the cosmic energy around us. 

I recently happen to read an excellent guide on how to order the cosmic law of abundance. Note that I have used the word ‘order’ simply because it is there for us to order.